Thankful for the teachers and mentors who have guided her throughout life and in music, Destiny Ann is a passionate proponent and grateful product of early music education, and similarly strives to ensure that her students have a positive and enriching musical experience. Destiny Ann currently serves as violin instructor and guest clinician at many public and private schools throughout the United States. She also maintains a thriving and fun private studio.

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As a student of Destiny’s for almost 10 years, I can definitely say she’s been a big influence on me, not only in the music world but also the real world. Destiny has taught me numerous techniques and ways to improve as a musician. A main factor that has made lessons with her even better is that she connects with the student on a more personal level. After spending so much time with a student, Destiny is able to understand their character and nature, enabling her to figure out which methods are more effective for improving the individual. I can’t express how much Destiny has helped me to become a better musician and as cheesy as it sounds, a better person. She becomes a best friend that won’t solely help you musically, but also in life. In my case, she has given me lots of advice on several things, not just music related, which has created a great bond between us. Often lacking motivation, Destiny’s persistence has inspired me to practice more. Her sense of humor and exuberant personality makes lessons fun and entertaining. Destiny is an outstanding violinist with various approaches to finding the appropriate way to tweak and enhance a student’s abilities. Destiny’s determination and dedication proves that with work, anything can be achieved.

Eloise, Current Student, Bethesda, MD

Destiny is both an amazing teacher and person. She believes in her students and the potential they have, but more importantly she helps them to believe in themselves. She is not afraid to push her students’ limits to help them succeed. If I were to go back in time and choose any teacher I wanted, I would pick her every time!

Emily, Former Student, Cheverly, MD

For the best part of a decade we have had the absolute pleasure of having Destiny teach our daughter. Her enthusiasm for music is infectious and her interaction with kids is patient, gentle and fun-loving. She skillfully uses many different teaching styles, if something isn’t quite gelling with the student, she drops that approach and tries another until she finds a successful strategy to motivate and inspire the student. Our daughter loves her strong sense of humor and her rigorous attention to detail. In addition to being a superb musician, Destiny is also an outstanding role model for her students. She clearly demonstrates that with determination, persistence and effort anything is possible in music and in life.

Marie & Richard Damania, Parents of Current Student, Bethesda, MD

As her violin and viola teacher, Destiny inspired our daughter with her passion for music and her dedication to the discipline and hard work that creating beautiful music requires. Her positive and enthusiastic approach puts students at ease. Destiny served as a role model for our daughter that hard work is a basis for proud achievement and her zest for life itself keeps it all in perspective.

Cindy & Bill, Parents of Former Student, Cheverly, MD

I took violin and then viola lessons with Destiny for 5 years, and I can’t imagine having a better teacher. She always had little tricks to help me develop better habits in my playing, and could always encourage me to do better and work harder in a really positive manner.

Genevieve Desiree, Former Student, Cheverly, MD

My daughter Olivia and I love Destiny! Not only is she a superb violinist herself, she is a truly talented teacher: enthusiastic, encouraging, patient, challenging, and with a great love of music and teaching that is conveyed to her students. She taught Olivia for several years beginning in middle school, and my daughter routinely receives compliments on her technique, tone, and musicality. Moreover, Olivia has a love of music that will stay with her for life. Destiny is a dedicated and skillful teacher and a lovely person.

Elizabeth, Mother of Former Student, Bethesda, MD

Destiny, you ARE my favorite teacher!! Studying with you every morning during camp made me want to practice as soon as I got back to my room. I love your style of teaching. I wish I had a teacher more like you when I first started playing. You’re patient, understanding, and also very funny!

Tynesha, Former Student, Brunswick, GA