BACH TO BARN BURNERS ™ Release! Henri Vieuxtemps ~ Bouquet Américain

Surprise! BACH TO BARN BURNERS ™ Official Release date is TODAY, Thanksgiving 2018. 🔥🍳🍗🐓 PRE-ORDER your copies starting NOW from yours truly, before it’s available for digital release :) 

I am counting my many blessings on this national American holiday…I am abundantly grateful and thankful for my pianist & dear friend Heather Lauffer Adelsberger and for my darling husband & Recording Engineer/Producer Michael Mermagen. We had a rip-roaring time pioneering this album! 

I also want to thank the talented and amazing Rhea Wyss for her incredible album design (all pics coming soon). I most especially love the logo she created in this picture! …Inspiration drawn from the frog of my masterfully crafted violin bow, by Donald M. Cohen, Bowmaker (thank YOU, Donald!). 

Our CD will be available for sale on all digital platforms very soon…You will also be able to purchase it directly from me, so STAY TUNED for specific info and exciting news about our upcoming release performances!

*Pioneering Musicians and American artists, Destiny Ann Mermagen, violin, and Heather Adelsberger, piano, are the FIRST-EVER to release the complete works of Henri Vieuxtemps’ Bouquet Américain—A collection of witty and virtuosic pieces based on familiar folk melodies, written in the classical music tradition with a charming nod to American fiddling. 

Paired alongside J.S. Bach’s exuberant and spirited E Major Partita, Destiny Ann is Classically Trained and Fiddle Raised, Playing Everything from Bach to Barn Burners™!

Destiny Ann Mermagen